A CACI non surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI machine. CACI face lift treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin. CACI Treatment

When you go to the gym, you work your muscles to give yourself a better body shape, so why not work out your face and keep that in better shape too.

The beauty of the CACI face lift is that it is actually a pleasant relaxing facial treatment which may be combined with  products to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. So lay back on the couch while the CACI machine does the hard work!

Think of a CACI face lift as insurance your face, a monthly pampering treatment to keep you looking young.

The Beauty Clinique is in an exclusive list of salons offering this treatment.


  • It was certainly safer and cheaper than surgery. It was brilliant for me, because I'm too scared of needles and knives to want to go and get a face lift

         Mrs Stevenson, Durham

  • I thought I would try it as lets face it, I am not getting any younger and I am thrilled with the outcomes. I feel much more confident and I would recommend the treatment to anybody

         Miss Couthard, Chester-le-Street

  • I've worked on one client who was in her late 50's for a course of 10 weekly 1.5 hour sessions and she looks like a new woman! Her skin is amazing now and alot more taught and full

         Stacey Mitchell, The Beauty Clinique