The Whale Spa

Welcome to a whole new world of elegance, luxury and comfort. Indulge yourself in relaxation and enjoyment with our Whale Spa. 

We are unique in the fact that we are in a minority of Beauty Salon's within the north-east to have a Whale Spa available for our clients.

Our Whale Spa is a pedicure chair and one of the best ways to make yourself feel pampered and relaxed.Whale Spa

Why not pop in for a relaxing session on our Whale Spa and indulge in it's fantastic features: 

Power seats recline and slide forward and back

Armrests swing open and closed, allowing easy access

Arm trays enable the spa to double as a manicure workstation if your wish

Roller massaging seat backs

Adjustable footrest

Hand Sprayer with trigger

Ultra quiet operation

Bath-tub Pumps, Actuator Systems and Massager Chair Pads